Tasha S. Byrd

Tasha S. Byrd is a multiple bestselling author, life and resilient coach,and the Founder and CEO of I Choose Too LLC. She's also been awarded (2) I AM HER awards for Woman on the Rise and Woman of Influence. Tasha has made media appearances including being featured in VoyageLA Magazine, Black Women Mean Business Magazine (BWMB), and Orlando Voyager Magazine. Podcast appearances:Conversations from the Heart, The CEO Wife Experience, and The Purple Butterfly. She has also expanded her business by becoming a Life and Resilient Coach and Speaker.


Tasha believes in answering the callings God has on her life and has become a visionary author. Driven by her personal journey of breaking free from generational curses and dedicated to empowering women, mothers, and daughters to rewrite their own stories. Having triumphed over her own familial challenges, She is passionate at curating anthologies that will serve as beacon of hope and transformation in the lives of generations to come. Tasha stands as living proof that breaking the cycle is not just an aspiration but an achievable reality.

Tasha holds in highest regards her faith in God and her love for her family. Showing her love, encouragement, and support towards her family and friends has always been a priority for her. With a lot of prayer and guidance from the Lord, Tasha has been able to conquer her fears and go after her dreams of living her life free.

Tasha is a native of Los Angeles and currently resides in Southern California, with her two adult children, one wonderfully made granddaughter, and two amazing twin grandsons on the way!

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