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Blessed Not Broken: The Power of Letting Go

Blessed Not Broken: The Power of Letting Go

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It takes strength to hold on. It also takes an enormous amount of strength to let go and sometimes letting go is better than holding on.

Making the decision to release and let go begins with acknowledgment and then choosing to face, deal with, and move through raw emotions, situations, and circumstances. It is not easy and most times a painful journey. Once you do, though, the freedom to pursue your true happiness as your best and highest self will make you question why it took you so long.

In this book, six extraordinary women tell their stories of how they let go of pain, resentment, toxic relationships, labels, anger, and more. Each author courageously opened her life and story to share with you how she overcame obstacles because all she wanted, more than anything, was to be healed, loved, happy, and whole. May you be inspired by their words and blessed by their stories: Blessed Not Broken: the Power of Letting Go.

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